font size="2">Badger Meter’s concrete products are used to measure and precisely control the amount of water and chemical additives used in the production of concrete. Badger supplies various flow meter technologies to the concrete industry including: turbine meters, positive displacement meters and electromagnetic flow meters that are used in water batching and chemical additive batching. Additionally, Badger manufactures and markets a complete range of electronic batch controllers that interface directly with our flow meters to provide reliable and accurate water and chemical batching. Badger’s products can be found in thousands of Ready-Mix and concrete batch plants and are built to withstand the demands of the most rigorous concrete applications. /font> /p>

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The Badger® Turbo Meter is available in sizes 2" - 6" and is ideally suited for water metering and batching in ready-mix applications. The Turbo Meter can be combined with the PFT-4E Transmitter and an electronic solenoid-controlled butterfly valve. With the PFT-4E, calibration of the Turbo Meter is fast and easy, using Badger's innovative rotary switches. This combination can be retrofitted to many existing systems or connected to Badger's CB-20 Programmable Batch Controller.
Our CB-20 Batch Controller is a time and field proven product made to be both user operable and programmable-friendly, just for the concrete industry. Provides adjustment for valve overrun for better control of your particular batching dynamics. A built-in "fail-safe" diagnostic, coupled with other special features assures successful plant operation batch after batch in your plant. Shown here with optional NEMA 4X enclosure.
The well-known Recordall® disc meter design is ideally suited for batching systems and for use in admixture dispensers. The L.C.P. material of the internal components enables you to use the Model 25 Recordall in applications with high temperatures, high pH chemicals and potential abrasives. The PFT-1E Transmitter provides very high resolution for exact batching. If combined with Badger's Dispenser Controllers, the unit is suited for any low flow batching and dispensing application.
The Model 7500P Electromagnetic Meter was specifically designed to meet the demands of the most rigorous concrete applications. The open meter design eliminates "water hammer" damage and pressure loss. Since there are no moving parts, this meter is even suited for wash-out applications. The amplifier easily connects to the CB-20 Programmable Batch Controller, or your existing plant control system. The Magnetoflow® 7500P is California type approved for water batching and reclaim water metering.
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