Ceco Environmental Fybroc Pumps is an advanced technology pump manufacturer specializing in fiberglass-reinforced composite centrifugal pumps, designed to handle corrosive and other difficult liquids.

Our history dates back to 1966 when the first fiberglass-reinforced composite pumps were pioneered by the Sethco Manufacturing Company. At that time, Sethco had begun a small operation dedicated to composite pumps to provide larger flow rates than were currently available with thermoplastic materials.

Met-Pro Corporation, Fybroc's parent company, acquired Sethco in 1970. The composite pump operation was moved to Hatfield, Pennsylvania in 1971 and named Sethco Pump Company. In early 1975 Sethco Pump Company was renamed Fybroc Division.

Rapid sales growth nearly outstripped our production capacity, so in September of 1991 Fybroc moved into a brand new, 48,000 square foot, state-of-the-art production facility in Telford, Pennsylvania.

Fybroc's Telford facility, which is solely dedicated to the manufacture of fiberglass-reinforced thermoset vinyl ester and epoxy resin pumps, has recently completed construction that doubled its size to just under 100,000 square feet.

Today, aggressive new product development programs, along with continued improvements in molding techniques, have made Fybroc the world's leading manufacturer of fiberglass-reinforced thermoset vinyl ester and epoxy resin pumps. Fybroc's 30 plus years of composite pump design and manufacturing experience uniquely qualifies us to supply you with composite pumps of the highest quality and durability for your service.

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